How would it feel to have a deep understanding of yourself at a soul level?

Your shine and your shadow? Your purpose and Karmic potential?

Why am I here you ask? What is my purpose? Why do I feel this way inside and others don’t see it? How can I change my reactions to outside events?

How can I LIVE a fulfilled and abundant life?

Want to cut to the chase and have less of the damn fluff that’s out there?

Want to get deeply real?

I am Louise Edington, an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Mentor, Writer and Radio Host.

What a mouthful.

In a nutshell, I am a Way Shower. I am here to do Life Path Work. I do things differently – work with me and you get far, far more than just an Astrology Reading.

I see you, I see your potential, I see your the true beauty of you written in your Cosmic Blueprint and I show you the way to guide you to wholeness and abundance.

The thing is that we are all born with this Blueprint of potential. And then along comes all the conditioning from families, society and peers. And we lose our way. Often we take the challenge path because we have all these voices in our heads. The shoulds, the shouldn’ts, the can’ts, the don’ts. We fight, push, force. We go through life kicking and screaming. Things aren’t fair, so and so did this to us. Well really, none of that is true.

I help you to move past all of that and see that you are absolutely whole and perfect. I guide you to accept all of who you are. The powerfully amazing bits, the knotty bits, the downright not so pleasant bits.

And I guide you to the evolutionary purpose of your soul. Through the lessons you chose this life to learn. I guide you to grow and evolve.

I show you the way and guide you to be in tune with the rhythms of the universe.

Why? Because I come from a place of love. I love you and I really want you to love yourself as much as I love you. But I am not afraid to kick your butt! I tell the truth. I go to the shadow and help you to make friends with it.

I do not predict dates, I do not warn you of doom and gloom and put fear into your space. You’ve all heard of the person who was told they might lose their job or their marriage but an astrologer or other type of mentor. Well guess what! That puts that thought out to the universe and is irresponsible in my eyes.

I give you hope and a path to follow. I give you possibilities.

Who do I work with?

I work mainly with women who are reaching that midlife crisis and moving into the age of the Crone.Your bodies are changing and so is how you feel about yourselves. This is a time of rediscovery after the age of the Maiden and the Mother (whether you are a physical mother or not – we women have that mothering principle). It’s a time of coming to terms with aging and all that that brings. This is a time to learn to mother yourself, to grow into your wisdom. It’s time for YOU to move towards your full potential and to become the keeper of the fire for the next generation. It’s a time of acceptance, surrender and wisdom. And it’s not always easy.

But I want you to CLAIM your power.

And That’s where I come in :)

You get to choose how you work with me. Through Soul Astrology Readings, Ongoing and in depth mentoring packages, Intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Group work in my Be In Tune With The Moon Mentoring Circle. There’s something for everyone.

Work With Louise

I am a way shower. I go deep into your soul to guide you to wholeness, acceptance and abundance. My aim is to heal quickly and give you the tools to move on with your life. I prefer to work in depth with clients or teach through my Mentoring Circle. A reading is helpful but often leaves the client hanging and without the support to work on the issues that come up. With that thought in mind I suggest looking for deep transformation, with support, through my Innana Transformation Package or more general support through my Be In Tune With The Moon Mentoring Circle.

For details of what I offer please see how to work with me at my Work With Louise page

Why me and how did I get here?

I am you. I get it. And I have done the work. I have studied Astrology for almost 25 years and have been practicing professionally for two. I have been in the Coaching and Mentoring world for 5 years and taken more courses and received more training than I can remember.

But most of all I am you!

I am 54 and my girls are growing up. I have re-found myself and reached a place of acceptance and love. And I want to share those gifts with others.

I am also wickedly intuitive and empathic with a whole host of life and mentoring skills that I have learned along the way.

In my mentoring packages I tailor to suit the individual. No one thing fits all.

I do the deep shadow work. Nothing shocks me and I hold the space for you until you love and accept every little part of you. And I guide you to be the best you you can be so you live that fulfilled and abundant life.

So let’s talk. I am here for you.

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